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If you detect that your kitchen sink or even your toilet is draining more slowly than it should, then you could have a blockage in your pipes or drains. To save money, you might be tempted to go to your local hire place or DIY store for drain rods, in the effort to try and unblock your drains yourself.

The drain unblocking company are based in the Stockport area, and we are aware of the amount of DIY stores and purchase hire that are local to us. There are literally hundreds of these shops, in areas such as Manchester, Cheadle, Hazel Grove, just to name a few.

Unfortunately, the domestic drain rods that are available in these areas, at what seems to be an affordable cost, are not up to standard. Feeding a rod down a drainage system is an unknown task to most homeowners or businesses, so it can be complicated even with the best equipment. DIY drain rods screw together meaning they are not dependable. The plunger or screw attachment or even the rods themselves can come loose and get lost in the drainage system. Some homes have galvanised pipes, domestic DIY rods can scrape the sides and even lead to cracks that can cause the pipes to break. In extreme circumstances, DIY rods cannot be removed, and an excavation would need to be done to retrieve them.

This means that you could soon find yourself calling out a professional and paying a higher fee for a more complex job. Here at The Drain Unblocking Company, our engineers use more expensive lock-tight rods for these reasons.

The Drain Unblocking Company have a full range of professional equipment at our disposal to ensure that we are ready to unblock your drains in the most suitable and time efficient way, eliminating any risks of parts coming loose or getting left behind.


High-pressure water jetting is the most efficient method of cleaning drains, sewers and pipes. It is also the most cost effective compared to other types of procedures, further providing you with results you can depend on at a reasonable price. This method of drain and sewer cleaning is done by applying a continuous blast of high-pressure water through a hose that is pushed down a drain line and provides long-lasting results. High-pressure water jetting is the most environmentally friendly alternative to pipe, sewer, and main cleaning as it uses no chemicals. It will remove the grease, soap, and bacteria build-up that lodges itself in our drains.

If you are experiencing a drain or sewer blockage, just contact Dave, our drainage engineer to find out more about high-pressure water jetting.