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Title: Simplifying Your Space with Saniflo: The Ultimate Guide to Installation In the realm of home improvement, few upgrades offer the convenience and versatility of Saniflo installations. Whether you’re renovating a basement, adding a bathroom in an unconventional space, or simply seeking to enhance the functionality of your home, Saniflo systems provide a reliable solution […]

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We The Drain Unblocking Company have been installing Sumps and pumping stations for the past few years now and thanks to our supplier we can offer competitive prices and even beat the lowest prices you can find!

August 02 2022 0Comment

Our New Supplier!

The Drain Unblocking Company has found a new supplier! CM Merchants and Hire are now supplying us with the best low-price and high-quality materials which means we can keep your expense as our customers as low as possible! This breakthrough with a new supplier couldn’t have come at a better time! over the past 2 […]

December 06 2021 0Comment

Soil Stack Replacements

We are reaching a time now where cast iron and asbestos soil stacks on average are 100 years old, This is way past the 80 year life expectancy they have, now people are finding their pipes are leaking externally and becoming dangerous. The Drain unblocking company offer a full replacement service starting from 450+ plus […]


Blocked Drain? No Problem! Do you have a Blocked Drain? If so you should give us a call! Why choose us? Well there are many reasons. Honesty! We will always be honest with you regarding your drains, what we have found with Blocked Drains is that there is normally a cause for the blockage in […]

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At the Drain Unblocking Company, we are committed on resolving your blocked drains or broken drains as quickly as possible in a cheap and affordable manner! We have invested in new Trenchless repair tech which allows us to repair your drains without digging them up! not all drains can be repaired this way however approximatley […]

Our area of operation has changed!

Please see the lists below to see our areas. Drain Unblocking Stockport and all SK Postcodes Drain Unblocking Manchester and All Manchester M Postcodes Except Central Manchester  Drain Unblocking Warrington and All WA Postcodes  Drain Unblocking Bolton and All BL Postcodes  Blocked Drains Cheadle  Blocked Drains Wilmslow Blocked Drains Handforth Blocked Drains Cheadle Hulme Blocked […]

COVID-19 And Our Service

COVID-19 The Drain Unblocking Company’s services have been classified as critical, this means we provide a service that is essential to day to day living such as running foul waste systems. We are taking extra precautions and will be also wearing masks, we ask all our customer to stay in their property and not to […]

December 09 2019 0Comment

Frozen Drains!

Here at The Drain Unblocking Company, Based in Cheadle Hulme Stockport, we want to make sure our clients are well prepared for the cold weather on its way!! Drainage pipes can be freeze-damaged or break in buildings and in the building connected to a septic system or to a municipal sewer line. You might think […]

November 20 2019 0Comment


WATER TORTURE!!! FLOODING WHAT ARE FLOODS? Floods are the most hazardous natural disasters; they are governed by various factors, including rainfall characteristics, drainage systems, land use and water management in river basins. Water from sudden downpours and storms can no longer be absorbed into the soil so it either pools or runs to lower elevation […]