What Is Sonar Drain Tracing?

Sonar Drain tracing is a form of radio detection, it uses electromagnetic fields at a particular frequency and works with a locator to pinpoint the exact location of the probe.

Whats the point of sonar if we have cameras?

Cameras are great and give you a rough idea of where the issue is, however, they are useless under water! not only that even with a self-levelling camera it’s difficult to account for bends underground and incline!
Sonar will pinpoint exactly where the issue is above ground.

When should i consider sonar drain tracing?

Sonar drain tracing can be applied to several applications and needs such as:
  • Finding the exact spot of a fault or obstruction so in turn minimising excavation needs
  • Tracing where your lines run
  • Finding hidden manholes
  • Help to identify if your responsible for the drains or if they belong to the water board

Is it cost effective?

Yes absolutely, by pinpointing a fault such as a collapse, excavation can be limited to a small area, unlike our competitors who will do “spot digs” in order to find the line which they will charge you for!