Ok, so the unblock didn't go to plan? or you knew there was a problem?



Excavations are the most common means of repairing an underground drain pipe, and in our oppinion, this is the best method of repair as it usually lasts longer than other means.

They are not as scary or as messy as you think! and tend to be cheaper to carry out than specialised repairs.



Patch Lining

Patch lining is a quick and effective way to repair minor faults in underground drains, however, most patches have a 50-year life span rather than over 100 years compared to PVC drain. Also, a patch can go wrong and may need excavating any way. We would only recommend patches if the line runs under a building and has not collapsed.

Flailing/Root Cutting/De-scaling

We offer this service to remove common issues such as fat and grease build up or scale on the underground drainage. Root cutting will remove root however they will grow back eventually! it’s a good short term fix however a repair will fix it long term!