Climate change is very much real! 2019 was a wakeup call especially for people in areas liable to flooding. We are now offering flood control and solutions for our clients

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With the dramatic rise in flooding we have invested in 3 new honda petrol pumps and another larger 3″ pump on the way, with a combined output of almost 3500 liters per minute thats 210000 liters per hour!

How it works

  • You give us a call and send some pictures via email or WhatsApp (07375521027)
  • We attend your property with the pumps recommended or of your choice
  • We charge £75+vat for the first pump and 50+vat for each other pump we bring, prices do not include the setup charge or fuel which we can supply at current average local rates.  (NOTE EMERGENCY CALL OUTS ARE QUOTED SEPARATELY)
  • Note we may need to dig a small pit to put the suction hoses in
  • You can manage the pumps yourselves or we can manage them for you at an hourly rate.
  • We can only pump to a running drain or river within 30m of the flooded area, we can pump further, however, the pumps will not run at 100% efficiency and use more fuel and take longer 

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