Blocked toilet?

When it comes to a blocked toilet, there can be various culprits to blame! To shed light on the possibilities, we’ve compiled a list below in the order of the blockages we encounter most frequently:

1. Kids: Little explorers are notorious for putting objects down the drain, earning the top spot on our list of common blockages attended to.

2. Rim Blocks / Toilet Freshening Blocks: Surprisingly, these seemingly innocent toilet fresheners can cause quite a stir. Cheaper versions often detach from the rim and find their way into the pipes.

3. Sanitary Products: While we empathize with the monthly struggles, flushing sanitary products down the toilet can lead to stubborn blockages.

4. Defective Pan Connection: Those seemingly innocuous white connectors can deteriorate over time, leading to clogs. Often, we need to remove the toilet to replace the seals.

5. External Blockage: If you notice issues with external drains, it’s best not to attempt DIY solutions. Trying to clear external blockages yourself may inadvertently cause internal damage. Always rely on a professional in such instances.

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Our Service to you:

We are committed to offering our customers value for money. That’s why we never charge a call out fee, and offer a fixed price service to unblock your drain. Here are just a few other benefits of our service:


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