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Frozen Drains!

Here at The Drain Unblocking Company, Based in Cheadle Hulme Stockport, we want to make sure our clients are well prepared for the cold weather on its way!!

Drainage pipes can be freeze-damaged or break in buildings and in the building connected to a septic system or to a municipal sewer line. You might think that because drains slope downwards, there is no freezing risk. This is not true!

When water freezes, it expands. Water that is flowing through or trapped in a pipe of your sewer line is capable of freezing!! When water freezes and expands in the pipe, there isn’t anywhere else for it to go. This can cause a blockage in your system and even damage due to cracks or breaks. There may come a point when the expanding ice will burst through pipe walls to release the pressure. This can close your entire drain system until the ice melts or a professional can fix the damage. You may first notice the problem when a toilet, sink, or tub simply stops draining.

What causes drain pipes and lines to freeze?

  • Faulty insulation around pipes
  • A sudden drop in temperature, which is common in the winter months
  • Lack of water flow in an exposed drain

Sewer lines routed to unheated areas of the home are also at risk, even if your heating system is on and running. If a gutter that drains into a sewer pipe is blocked, the excess water is a cause for a potential freeze and blockage.

 How can The Drain Unblocking Company Help?

The best way to thaw your frozen sewer line is to contact us! We are in the Stockport area, and our base is in Cheadle Hulme. Attempting to thaw out these pipes yourself could cause more, bigger issues, even the smallest of things could cause the pipe to break. The Drain Unblocking Company will be able to best diagnose where the pipe is frozen and how to thaw it. You may be tempted to just try using boiling water but there is a risk when pouring hot water down the drain. Too hot of water can damage and warp PVC pipes, and hot water could cause a pipe to break especially clay pipes