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Sonar Drain Tracing

The Drain Unblocking Company have purchased new equipment!!

Here at the drain unblocking company, we are expanding, and this is allowing us to invest in the latest equipment so that we can clear your blocked drains as quickly and efficiently as possible. Our specialised equipment helps us to manage our costs and keep our prices unbeatable. We use the best tools available and the most cost-effective method on the job to get your drains unblocked and running smoothly.


The introduction of the Sonar Tracing device vastly improves the ability of our drainage technicians to locate the exact positions of blockages or collapses in the drains. Sonar Drain Tracing is used when The Drain Unblocking Company are trying to diagnose exactly what is going on.

 Sonar Drain Tracing can be used together with CCTV drain cameras and uses electrical pulses which are transmitted by our specialist equipment, this then allows us to establish what is going on underground. The ‘echoes’ sent back to our specialist equipment can then be used to measure the distance of objects that we cannot see above ground. Various structures of drain networks can be identified by this method, including collapsed drains, blocked drains, where the drains run to and how deep they are. This method can also find where hidden and buried manholes are as well. This in turn allows us to plan for the later stages of the job and makes the whole process quicker for the customer with as little disruption as possible.

The drain unblocking company are available 24/7 to for both residential and commercial drainage jobs and have a vast client base and with several contracts. For reviews and testimonials, please check us out on Checkatrade.com, Facebook, My Builder and Rated people!!

So, if you have a blocked drain, we are the company for you!