October 31 2019 0Comment


The Drain Unblocking Company have been super busy over the summer and as we approach Autumn, the rainy season, we know that blocked drains caused by leaves and debris can be an issue! But don’t worry, The Drain Unblocking Company are here to help!

If your drains are deteriorating, soon you will be facing serious drainage problems. Damaged drainage pipes will put your property and businesses at risk of sewer flooding, leaks, blockages and water egress that can contribute to subsidence.

We offer patch lining!!

Patch lining is becoming progressively more popular as a way of dealing with solitary defects which manifest within a certain section of sewer or drainage systems. It offers a reasonable priced alternative to having the whole pipe excavated.  A whole pipe can be lined to solve multiple issues, whereas using patch liners means we can strengthen the support around specific problem areas as soon as they appear. This removes the risk of the situation getting worse or even surfacing again years down the line.

Patch repairs are ideal for repairing structural defects such as open leaking joint, fractures or partial collapse pipes or rooted pipe joints.

Patch lining offers minimal disruption to our customers as no excavation is required as the method used is through existing access manholes and gullies.

For more information on patch lining, contact Dave here at The Drain Unblocking Company who is happy to talk you through the process.